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                            CASH FOR GOLD

Selling your old jewelry or scrap gold and/or silver can be intimidating.  We understand the concern that many customers have about getting a fair amount for their items.  Whether you are selling your gold and/or silver because you are tired of it, because it is broken or because you desire more spending money, we will treat you with respect and discretion. 

We believe that providing good customer service by putting our customers first will keep them coming back so that we can have a good relationship for many years to come. 

 We pay top dollar on site for any of the following items:

     ·         Gold  ·         Silver.        Platinum ·         Diamonds

        ·         Gold Watches·         Unwanted Jewelry·         Out-of-Style Jewelry

        ·         Broken or Scrap Jewelry

               Another Great Option for You!

 If you prefer to redesign your old, outdated jewelry into a 

    new cherished piece, then that is what we do best

     Let us help you turn your old jewelry into a new unique design.